How Do You Start a Mobile Hair Salon Business?


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Start a mobile hairdressing business by getting a cosmetology license, which is usually given after passing an examination offered in your state. Next, register your business with the secretary of state's office, get an EIN, obtain liability insurance and purchase the supplies needed for your mobile business.

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  1. Get a cosmetology license

    Pass the examination offered in your state to get a cosmetology license. The exam tests styling techniques, your knowledge of sanitation standards and other areas.

  2. Register your business

    Register your mobile hairdressing business with the secretary of state's office. Include your contact information and business name. Fill out any required applications, and pay the appropriate fees for your business structure.

  3. Get an EIN

    Apply for a free employer identification number online. This number is used to identify your business when submitting taxes to the IRS.

  4. Obtain liability insurance

    Protect your business from client lawsuits by applying for liability insurance.

  5. Buy equipment

    Purchase any necessary equipment, such as flat irons, curling irons, hair scissors, hairdryers, shampoos and brushes. Check your inventory once every week to determine when to order new inventory.

  6. Design a logo

    Design a unique and attractive logo to display on your car or mobile device. Design a website that includes contact information, the services offered and prices.

  7. Organize your appointments

    Use a calendar or planner to keep track of your client’s appointments and addresses.

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