How Do You Start a Mobile Food Vending Truck?

How Do You Start a Mobile Food Vending Truck?

To start a mobile food vending truck business, develop a strategic plan, raise capital, acquire equipment and register the business. One advantage of a mobile food business service is that it has lower staff overhead cost when compared to a brick and mortar restaurant, notes the United States Small Business Administration.

A mobile food business allows the owner to follow profits and incur minimal renting costs, writes the U.S. Small Business Administration. Use the following steps to start a mobile food vending truck business.

  1. Research and develop a strategy
  2. Gather information regarding the most successful mobile food vending businesses, and learn what makes them profitable. Research the suitability of the business by talking to a few potential customers and checking through online resources. Develop a business plan to bring matters such as risks and financial requirements into better perspective.

  3. Raise capital
  4. If possible, use personal savings to finance the business venture. In case personal savings are insufficient or not available, take a loan or look for a partner to invest in the venture.

  5. Acquire equipment
  6. Buy a truck or rent one to begin the business. Purchase other equipment necessary for preparation and handling of the food.

  7. Get licensed
  8. Pay a visit to a local authority office that deals with business permits and licensing. Meet all the legal requirements for starting a business. Select an ideal location and open up shop.