How Do You Start a Mobile Car Wash Business?


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To start a mobile car wash business, obtain all required state and city licenses and permits, find out if special business insurance is necessary, familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations relevant to the car wash industry, and purchase car wash equipment and a large van that can accommodate the equipment, recommends Autos.com. Acquire customers and spread awareness about your business by distributing fliers and business cards.

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Essential car wash tools and equipment include hoses, brushes, sponges, car wash soaps and car waxes, reports Autos.com. A generator and water tank may also be necessary to provide efficient services, especially when the customer base increases.

Employees in various business sectors sometimes use the services of mobile car washers who can clean their cars while parked in company parking lots, notes Autos.com. Auto dealers without car wash services and limousine companies may also need mobile car washers.

Compare different prices of other companies offering similar services to determine reasonable prices to offer to customers, suggests Autos.com. When creating fliers, business cards and other promotional materials, specify the extent of your company's services and corresponding prices. Stick a printed copy of your business name, website and contact information on your car wash van. Exhibit professionalism by wearing a proper work uniform, maintaining a neat appearance and talking politely to customers.

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