How Do You Start a Medical Transport Business?

How Do You Start a Medical Transport Business?

To start a non-emergency medical transportation business, develop a business plan, raise capital, acquire equipment and get registered. Non-emergency medical transportation businesses often involve moving people who require medical attention from one area to another. However, these individuals may not be in need of urgent care, notes the United States Small Business Administration.

In most cases, non-emergency medical transportation businesses cater to the needs of the disabled, the elderly and people with chronic medical conditions, states the United States Small Business Administration. To start such a business, do the following:

  1. Develop a strategy
  2. Create a business plan, including budget estimates and dates for accomplishing tasks. Take note of potential competition and devise strategies to counter it. The plan should also highlight possible risks and how to avert them.

  3. Raise capital
  4. Obtain capital through personal savings, investors, grants and loans. Once capital is available, buy necessary equipment, including vehicles and any special tools required for the services.

  5. Register the business
  6. Register the company under the relevant government authorities. Obtain a license and any other special permits required.

  7. Market and start the venture
  8. Market the business through word of mouth, Internet promotions and posters. Provide quality services to ensure the business attracts more clients.