How Do You Start a Makeup Line?


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Starting a makeup line requires vision, tenacity and passion to turn an idea into a real business. Many cosmetic entrepreneurs begin by solving a problem of some sort. Much time and effort is devoted to product development, production and promotion when launching a brand new makeup line.

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Any new makeup line must compete with dozens of large and small competitors vying for beauty consumer dollars. A new line can have a better shot at success by focusing on what is lacking among existing brands and developing a unique niche. For example, Maureen Kelly of Tarte Cosmetics created products she wanted to use as a beauty consumer. Bobbi Brown is another successful cosmetics business owner who developed a niche; she started her makeup empire by creating a line of brown-toned lipsticks, which are different from the bright colors of other brands.

After conceptualizing products, the next step is to contact cosmetic labs and find one willing to work with a startup company. The cosmetic lab creates product prototypes, either for free or at a cost, that are used for demonstrating the line to potential customers and retail shops. Details such as packaging and product pricing must be decided before makeup products are ready for sale. Entrepreneurs must then find affordable and creative ways to promote the new line of makeup products to consumers.

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