How Do You Start a Magazine?

The first step to starting a magazine is to come up with a fresh and unique concept. Decide on a target audience, plan and design the content, and assemble your staff. Finally, decide on a printer and set up distribution.

  1. Decide on a target audience

    Settle on a target audience. Think about their primary interests, geographic location, education, gender, and age. Create your content and design based on the demographics of your subscribers.

  2. Come up with a magazine concept

    Create a fresh, new and unique concept that is relevant to your target audience. Think about the benefits you want to provide your readers. Choose a niche that is not currently filled by popular publications.

  3. Choose a printer

    Meet different printers, and compare their costs and experience. Choose a printer that best fits your vision for the magazine.

  4. Make a business plan

    Prepare a business plan indicating your vision for your magazine. Meet with investors, and secure capital.

  5. Assemble your staff

    Assemble a staff primarily made up of freelancers to help cut personnel costs. Hire a qualified marketing director who has a good understanding of your niche.

  6. Set up distribution

    Start with a free online edition, and market it to your target audience through social media. Put out a limited number of copies, and offer them for free. Ensure that the magazines are readily available to your target audience because they form your client base.