How Do You Start a Landscaping Business?


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Start a landscaping business by first training as a landscaper. Come up with a business plan, apply for the relevant licenses and permits, and purchase equipment. Finally, market your business to the local community.

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  1. Get landscaping training

    Take a landscaping course at a local college, and obtain a certificate or degree. Alternatively, work at an established landscaping company to gain equivalent experience.

  2. Come up with a business plan

    Create a business plan that covers equipment purchase, operating finances, start-up capital, marketing and other useful information.

  3. Apply for licenses and permits

    Apply for the relevant business licenses and permits for your area. Get a retail sales and tax registration certificate. Obtain a contractor’s license if applicable in your state. Apply for an Employer Identification Number and Tax Identification Number from the IRS if you plan to hire landscaping employees.

  4. Purchase equipment

    Buy the landscaping equipment required for the services you plan to offer. Purchase or use a vehicle that is capable of safely transporting your equipment.

  5. Purchase liability insurance

    Purchase liability and business vehicle insurance. This is mandated by some states and protects you from lawsuits and liability.

  6. Market your business

    Create brochures, cards and fliers to market your business. Purchase a site sign to place at job sites. Market your business on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Get customer referrals by developing good relationships with clients and local companies.

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