How Do You Start an Indoor Flea Market?

How Do You Start an Indoor Flea Market?

In order to start an indoor flea market, first obtain all the proper licenses to run thebusiness, rent a space that will house the flea market, stock thespace with goods, such as Internet and cash registers and then attract and contact vendors to to sell in themarket. A flea market owner should consider the types of consumers in the area and determine which vendors to house in order to maintain a steady profit.

There are typically a large number of different types of vendors within a flea market, which brings in consumers who are looking to browse through a variety of goods and services. Use the following steps to open an indoor flea market.

  1. Obtain the proper licenses
  2. There are many licenses that need to be obtained in order to operatea flea market. Individuals should contact their local United States Small Business Administration to help them determine which licenses are required in their state.

  3. Rent or buy a space
  4. Search for a space tohouse the flea market. It should be big enough to allow traffic to flow through easily without hindering the vendors' spaces.

  5. Contact vendors to rent out space in the market
  6. Once the space is set up with theproper equipment, flea market owners should then start to contact a variety of vendors to provide wanted goods and services to consumers.