How Do You Start a Home-Based Laundry Service?


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Starting a home-based laundry service is a great way to make money while providing valuable service. It is important to follow appropriate steps in starting your business. This process may take months to complete.

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How Do You Start a Home-Based Laundry Service?
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  1. Perform careful research

    Find out if there is a need for a laundry service in your target area. Check if there are laundry businesses in the area, and if there are, make sure you can differentiate and offer better service.

  2. Create a business plan

    Decide who your customers will be and the marketing strategies you are going to use to reach them.

  3. Gather the tools you need

    Create a list of required equipment, which might include washing machine and dryer, irons and ironing boards, and folding tables. Include laundry soap, fabric softener, stain remover, and dryer sheets. Make sure you include a variety of soaps to use for differing tastes and health concerns.

  4. Find ample space

    Make sure that you have adequate space for equipment, clothes, and all the necessary supplies and materials.

  5. Comply with legal requirements

    Register your business, and comply with zoning regulations. Contact your city or county office for details.

  6. Simplify payment options

    Offer multiple payment options, including a credit and debit card processing system. Contact your bank or other credit card processing company for details.

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