How Do You Start a Handyman Business?

How Do You Start a Handyman Business?

When starting a handyman business, consider the services you can offer, any necessary licenses, and how you can market the business. In the beginning, only offer services that you have experience providing. Courses and books help you expand your set of skills. Some states may require that you obtain a contractor's license, particularly if you plan to offer electrical and plumbing services.

Before you accept a job, make sure you have the necessary tools. Transport is also important; many handymen use a pickup truck or SUV that offers plenty of storage.

Your state may require you to take out business liability insurance, but it can be used as a selling point even if it is not required. Other options for marketing your business include cards and stationery, vehicle signs and advertisements in local publications.

Once you have all of the necessary equipment, obtain a business permit and state tax registration certificate. If you register the business as a corporation or limited-liability company, extra paperwork is required. When you choose the company name, make sure the name is not similar to any existing companies and that the Web address is available if you decide to make a website.

If the business is successful and you employ other workers, you likely need to purchase workers' compensation insurance. As of 2015, if the company grows to over 50 employees, it must offer health insurance.