How Do You Start a Gym?

How Do You Start a Gym?

To start a gym, write a business plan, secure financing, obtain the required licenses, find a location, purchase equipment, and hire staff. Consider starting a niche gym, such as one focusing on boxing or women’s health.

  1. Write a business plan

    Develop a business plan detailing the type of gym you wish to open. Your business plan should include important elements such as purchasing equipment, selecting a location, determining your target market, and anticipating expenses and projected profits.

  2. Secure financing

    Use personal savings, or meet with investors to secure funding for your project. A considerable investment may be needed to purchase or lease a space, purchase equipment and hire staff.

  3. Obtain the required licenses

    Do research on the requirements for registering a business name in your state. Get a tax identification number, and obtain a business license for your gym business. Find out what insurance is most suitable for a gym business.

  4. Find a location

    Hire a realtor to help you find a suitable space for your gym. Ensure that the space is large enough to accommodate a locker room and gym equipment. Consider special requirements, such as space for yoga, cardio and spin classes if you plan to offer these. Keep future expansion in mind when choosing a space for your gym.

  5. Purchase gym equipment

    Purchase equipment that matches your clients' needs. This includes cardio equipment, free weights and resistance training equipment. Include exercise mats in your purchase. Opt for high-quality equipment, with good safety ratings.

  6. Hire staff

    Hire qualified employees, such as personal trainers, a membership sales consultant and front desk staff. Advertise your business, and offer bonuses and discounts to attract first-time customers.