How Do You Start a Group Home for Teens?


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When starting a group home for teens, search for other group homes in the area, draft a mission statement and business plan, appoint a board of directors, establish funding, and apply for the appropriate licenses, advises the Group Home Guidebook. Once you have determined a location, garner necessary permits and inspections, create policies and procedures, hire staff, and seek residents.

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Prior to opening a teen home, it is helpful to gather as much information as possible, such as identifying potential financial supporters, criteria used to select occupants, elements of the living structure, and policies that staff and adolescents follow, states eHow. One way to ascertain this information is by contacting other teen facilities in the area.

Determine the distinct approach that the group home adopts, given its particular circumstances, considering elements such as how teenagers join the home, how staff redirect negative behaviors, and how time is structured, recommends "Group Homes for Teenagers: A Practical Guide." Decide how staff is going to encourage peer group relations, what daily routines consist of, and what types of therapy for teens and parents take place.

Commission a board of directors to oversee leadership and the financial components of the business. Choose a diverse group of people that represent professionals in the teen mental health field and powerful community members, suggests "Group Homes for Teenagers: A Practical Guide."

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