How Do You Start a Glass Recycling Business?

To start a glass recycling business, begin by obtaining a business licence and a vehicle. Different states may also require specific permits for glass recycling businesses. Knock on doors in your neighbourhood, and visit local bars and restaurants to let them know that you are collecting glass. Collect old glass, and take it to a recycling center once you have accumulated several tons.

It is important to draw up a business plan and raise the necessary funds before starting the business. If you plan to recycle glass full-time, you need to have some savings to live off of as the business grows.

To expand the business, invest in marketing such as business cards, vehicle decals and advertisements in local publications. If anybody allows you to take their old glass, return to visit them regularly to collect more. They may eventually set their old glass aside in anticipation of your visits. Local schools and other community groups may be willing to bring old glass to you in exchange for payment and a share of the profits.

As the business continues to grow, consider hiring people to collect glass for you and renting a warehouse or other storage facility. To expand the business in a different direction, try making stained glass from old bottles or producing glass aggregates.