How Do You Start Getting Credit?


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A person can start getting credit by applying for a starter credit card, according to LaToya Irby for About.com. A bank may offer beginning credit cards to bank customers who have a checking or savings account. Attaining a secured credit card is another option.

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Those who have little or no credit can get an oil company or store department card, notes Irby. These cards are easily accessible but come with higher interest rates; however, oil or department store cards can lead to future qualifications from major lenders. A secured credit card requires the user to deposit money to create a credit line. Users need to be 18 or older to use a card, but minors under 18 are authorized to use it for joint accounts with an adult.

Any type of starter card must be associated with a solid payment history to build good credit, reports Irby. Paying off the balance each month eliminates finance charges and accumulated debt. Making sure there is no negative activity on a checking and savings account is important as well, explains Dave Roos for HowStuffWorks. Lenders may decide whether to issue a credit card based on account activity. Many banks offer free checking accounts to those who do not have a credit history.

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