How Do You Start a Food Business?


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The first step in starting a food business is to select a niche, such as sauces or baked goods. Recipes need to be tailored for commercial use, and the food products must be packaged, priced and marketed for sale. Food may be prepared in either a home kitchen or rented commercial kitchen as long as safety guidelines are in place.

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It is less expensive to begin making food items to sell in a home kitchen, though it may be necessary to rent a commercial kitchen because of state regulations. Food businesses are highly regulated, and prospective business owners should research local, state and federal food regulations before starting a business. All food businesses must comply with safety rules regarding food ingredients and preparation. Recipes may need to be changed in order to meet food safety standards.

Packaging is another area to consider when creating a food business. Packaging must keep food fresh for consumption and be labeled in accordance with federal laws. Storage is another aspect that needs consideration. Perishable food items may need refrigeration or a temperature-controlled environment. Researching similar food items on the market can help with pricing. In addition, a solid marketing and advertising plan is needed to attract customers.

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