How Do You Start an Exotic Shorthair Cat Rescue?

How Do You Start an Exotic Shorthair Cat Rescue?

Starting an exotic shorthair cat rescue involves establishing a nonprofit organization, getting involved in the animal community, providing ongoing animal care and setting goals. The cat rescue should identify issues in the pet adoption community and understand how it affects the community.

  1. Establish the nonprofit organization

    Learn how to establish and operate a nonprofit organization. This may involve taking some business classes and researching local laws. Seek assistance if you need help with crucial steps, such as writing a business plan.

  2. Get involved with the animal community

    Advertising the new rescue isn't be enough to get new animals into the rescue. Most specialised rescues need to work with other shelters and be involved in community events. This helps establish the shelter and provides it with a support network.

  3. Provide ongoing animal care

    Caring for animals is not always a simple task. Visit other local shelters to observe how they care for their animals until they find a new owner. Ask important questions, and learn how to handle different situations, such as how to provide immediate medical attention or handle a large increase of animals in a short period of time.

  4. Set goals

    Like any business, goals help an organization stay on track and help show progress. Goals can be included in a mission statement or statement of purpose.