What Does It Take to Start Epic Training?

Starting Epic training requires that students have a sponsoring employer before traveling to Verona, Wisconsin to take a 6-week training course for the company’s medical software. Epic is a medical record software that helps hospitals and major medical centers by solving organizational, departmental and practical management system obstacles. Major centers like New York University, Yale and the Cleveland Clinic all have adopted the system and send employees to Epic’s headquarters to gain certification in the specific module of the system that they will be using.

Hospitals like Johns Hopkins requires the certification for its IT employees, and it covers the cost of the course. Epic has over 30 specialties within its software that it trains users toward certification.

Training requires several trips between Epic’s headquarters and the sponsoring hospital. Once each session is completed, hands-on projects will be assigned at the workplace to gain experience and competence in the subjects required.

The company also offers learning and continuing education for its clients and their employees. Depending on the specialty or module that is needed, certification can take up to a year to complete.

Upon successfully passing a certification test, employees are normally expected to stay at their job for a mandatory period of time in return for their training.