How Do You Start an Environmental Club?

How Do You Start an Environmental Club?

To start an environmental group, find others concerned with the same issue, advertise your cause and organize your initial and follow-up meetings.

  1. Find other people who are concerned about the same issue

    Use personal and online resources to find people interested in the same issue. This is made easier than ever by the Internet, but some work on your part is necessary. Start with social media such as Facebook. Find related groups in your area and reach out to individuals. Look for posters who may be interested and send them private messages. Go online and search for groups with your interests. Create posters and post on physical bulletin boards at a grocery store, apartment complex or college board.

  2. Organize your first meeting

    Arrange a meeting in a place where people can be comfortable. A reserved room at a restaurant or public library can make people feel more at ease than a private residence. Plan to hold the meeting at a time convenient for as many people as possible. Arrange for refreshments.

  3. Plan the meeting

    Your first meeting should include settling on the group goals, name, structure (including officers), how you plan to pursue your goal and when and where you will hold future meetings. Inviting a speaker to inform the group about your issue(s) can also help attract potential members.

  4. Advertise the meeting

    Use online and offline methods to inform others of the meeting. This can include flyers, posts on billboards, Facebook, Twitter, other social media and word of mouth.

  5. Follow up with attendees

    After the meeting, send a follow-up email to attendees with meeting notes and the date of the next meeting. Keep in contact with meeting attendees and stay on top of goals set in the meeting.