How Do You Start a Dog Walking Business?


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The first step to starting a dog walking business is to do research on area demand for dog walkers. Next, gain experience and apply for the relevant business license. Market your business, and finally come up with a standard contract.

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  1. Research on local demand for your service

    Visit local pet stores and groomers to get a sense of the demand for your service. Look up other people in the business, and assess the level of competition. Proceed if the business is viable.

  2. Gain dog walking experience

    Volunteer your time at the local pet shelter to gain exposure working with various dog breeds.

  3. Apply for a business license

    Contact your local county office to find out if a business license is required. Purchase dog walker or pet sitter insurance.

  4. Come up with rates

    Set your rates based on what other similar business in your area charge. Be sure to make your rates reasonable to improve your chances of getting clients.

  5. Market your business

    Come up with a company name and advertise your services on fliers, business cards and posters. Target pet stores, groomers, bulletin boards and veterinarians for your marketing. Include some personal information such as your experience with pets.

  6. Write a contract

    Develop a contract stating important terms. Be sure to include the dog owners’ responsibilities such as liability for any property damage.

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