How Do You Start a Dog Bakery?


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Starting a dog bakery involves choosing a proper bakery location, obtaining knowledge on dog bakery regulations, obtaining bakery permits, developing appropriate dog recipes, obtaining ingredients and equipment needed to operate the bakery, insuring the bakery and marketing the bakery. Be sure to raise enough money before stating this business.

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One way to choose a suitable location that favors success is to establish the bakery in an area where many homeowners have dogs. An area with few dog bakeries, but with many dogs is also appropriate because the market competition in such an area is little. Knowing about bakery regulations, which may vary from one state to another, involves contacting the local health department for details.

Before applying for the bakery permits, visit the small business administration office and seek information about the type of permits relevant to a dog bakery. Relevant permits may include a sales tax permit and an assumed-name certificate.

Conduct research about appropriate ingredients needed to make the recipes. Get information from veterinarians, seasoned dog trainers and dog recipe books. When purchasing the ingredients, do so in wholesale from nearest stores, which reduces the cost and chances of expiry.

Insuring the bakery helps to compensate for any damages that the business may incur, including legal actions. Marketing the bakery may include sponsoring dog shows and advertising the business on social media.

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