How Do You Start a Daycare Business?

How Do You Start a Daycare Business?

How Do You Start a Daycare Business?

When setting up a daycare center, it's important to mold the business in such a way that fulfills the needs of a community. For instance, a community may need a daycare center that watches infants. Research is necessary before setting up the business. Getting licensed and obtaining insurance are the next steps, followed by looking for additional resources and tax breaks that aid business owners.

  1. Conduct research

    Find a location for the business and do plenty of research. Talk to parents to see if a daycare center is needed in the area. Zoning laws must be taken into consideration as well. Other ways of doing research includes conducting poll surveys and posting on message boards to get a sense of community needs.

  2. Get licensed

    Have a license specialist visit the business location to ensure compliance with state regulations. Renovations may be necessary, and a specialist can recommend certain conditions that must be met before starting the business. Licensing laws vary by state.

  3. Get insurance

    Insurance requirements must be met, including fire insurance and theft insurance. This is especially applicable if the daycare business is being run from the home. Liability insurance is necessary to protect parents, children and workers. Find insurance that covers supplies and equipment that are purchased for the business.

  4. Take advantage of state resources and loans

    Apply for loans and grants at the local, state and federal levels. These loans and grants are meant to help business owners get started, and there are monies specifically designated for childcare givers. There are also tax incentives that help business owners stay competitive.