How Do I Start a Day Nursery?


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To start a day nursery school, you must write a good business plan. Locate the nursery where there are potential learners. The final step is hiring experienced support staff to help you run the business.

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  1. Create a business plan

    Create a business plan with your competitors and ideal customers in mind. Evaluate the number of existing nurseries, mother and toddler groups, playgroups and nannies. Include the amount you want to charge for your services and pay your staff.

  2. Find a suitable location

    The location for a nursery school must be convenient for both the owner and the learners. Familiarize yourself with the community and understand their needs before settling on a location for your day nursery school. Areas with many growing families are good locations. Consider locations that are visible, preferably along well-travelled roads. Knowing the demographics of the location helps business owners to place their nurseries where necessary.

  3. Hire warm and supportive staff

    Hire experienced supportive staff who love being around children. Let the parents know that you support and reward staff loyalty. Parents prefer their children to be under safe and loving care. Encourage the staff to interact freely with parents and consider their plight to reduce the rate of staff turnover. Employ staff who offer a pleasant and conducive learning environment and who are trustworthy.

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