How Do You Start a Day Care Transportation Business?


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Starting a day care transport business requires equipment, documentation and personnel, explains the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Necessary equipment includes vans and buses, and the necessary documentation includes a licence and a permit if it provides services for children who are not related to the owner.

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Depending on the state in which the business operates, certain levels of training and certification are necessary. In Texas, the law requires all who run registered and licensed day care transport businesses for children below the age of 9 to undergo an annual training for at least two hours. The training covers topics such as transportation safety, procedures and legal requirements, according to the Texas DFPS.

One of the topics covered is operational policies in regards to transportation, as explained by the Texas DFPS. It sheds light on equipment and documentation that these services must maintain in their vehicles. It also touches on emergency procedures in the case of an accident. Communication is also highlighted during the training to ensure consistent communication before, during and after transportation of children. The necessary training also covers procedures for inspection and maintenance as well as field trips.

Running a day care transport business involves certain risks. To ensure the proper management of these risks, insurance coverage is necessary, according to Nolo. Business owners should take coverage against risks such as fire, theft and damage among other potential liabilities.

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