How Do You Start a Crime Scene Cleanup Company?

Starting a crime scene cleanup company involves getting certified to handle unsafe crime scene material, obtaining a business license, registering the company, obtaining the necessary equipment for cleaning up the crime scene and marketing the company, according to the Houston Chronicle. Insuring the company against damages and lawsuits is also crucial.

Getting certified to handle dangerous crime scene materials involves first acquiring certification, which involves completing training offered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, states the Houston Chronicle. The training equips an individual with knowledge and skills necessary for safe handling and discarding of the crime scene materials. On top of this training, it may also be necessary for the individual to complete additional training as local police and health departments demand.

Obtaining the license involves applying to a relevant authority such as a county clerk, notes the Houston Chronicle. The company registration involves filing necessary documents with the secretary of state, who issues a certificate of registration. Equipment needed for a crime scene cleanup company includes protective boots, hazardous material suits, safety glasses, dust masks and respirators. Chemical cleaning products, plastic gloves, shovels and a van are also essential. Ways to market the company include informing police and health departments and funeral homes about the services the company offers.