How Do You Start Couponing?

To start couponing to save money on groceries and other products, begin by identifying the best coupon sources and preparing a system for printing and organizing them. Then identify the best times to use the coupons by determining various stores' sales cycles. Finally, become familiar with store coupon policies and begin shopping, recommends

To begin couponing:

  1. Identify coupon sources
  2. Check Sunday papers for coupon inserts and make a list of the best online coupon sources, recommends These include, and, as well as store and manufacturer websites. Signing up for company newsletters is another way to stay informed of coupon promotions.

  3. Develop an organized couponing system
  4. Set up a laser printer and choose a system for filing printed coupons. Some recommended systems include filing by category or store and using a binder, states

  5. Understand sales cycles
  6. Become familiar with stores' sales cycles. These typically run for between eight and 12 weeks and during holidays or special events. Wait to use the coupons in conjunction with sales to get the best deals.

  7. Ask about store coupon policies
  8. Ask different stores whether they allow coupon doubling or stacking. Doubling involves using more than one coupon to increase the discount, while stacking involves using store-issued coupons in conjunction with coupons issued by manufacturers. Also, ask whether the store accepts coupons issued by competitors.

  9. Start using coupons
  10. Collect coupons from the chosen sources and use them at the optimal times. When using coupons, buy frequently used products in bulk to get the most long-term savings.