How Do You Start a Clothing Company?


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To start a clothing company, decide on a target market, write up a business plan, calculate start-up costs, figure out business policies and a marketing plan, choose a location, and hire employees and suppliers. It is also helpful to have some knowledge of the clothing industry prior to opening a clothing store.

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For those people who are interested in the clothing industry, opening a clothing store might seem like a logical step. There are certain steps to follow, however, to help ensure success.

  1. Decide on the target market
  2. Do some research and determine what the target market is. Some examples are children, high-end fashion or trendy.
  3. Come up with a business plan and startup costs
  4. A business plan includes information such as the target market, business policies and financial projections. Startup costs include rent, costs of goods and operation costs.
  5. Detail specific business policies
  6. While business policies are generally mentioned in a business plan, it is important to enumerate them separately. Some examples are store hours, return policies, layaway policies, e-commerce and credit card acceptance.
  7. Determine a marketing plan
  8. The advertising and marketing should be structured around the target market. Billboards as well as newspaper and television ads are some examples.
  9. Prepare to open
  10. Once everything else is in place, find a location for the store, hire employees and find suppliers.
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