How Do You Start a Career in Baking?

To start a career in baking, get a job with a bakery that offers on-the-job training or attend culinary or technical school, advises The most ordinary path to becoming a baker is through long-term, on-the-job training, although seeking formal training may help would-be bakers attain better or higher-paying work.

Many bakers working in grocery stores or bakeries begin as apprentices or trainees to learn baking basics and basics of decorating and icing baked goods, notes Apprentices may learn sanitation procedures and nutrition basics. Many work to attain a certificate in baking.

Formal training for bakers includes degree programs that run from one to two years and cover basic math, nutrition and food safety courses. A high school diploma or GED is required for entry into most technical and culinary programs. Bakers achieve certification for specialties, such as management, staff training, retail sales and baking sanitation from the Retail Bakers of America upon graduation.

The training and experience needed vary by position. A certified journey baker does not need to have formal training but must have one year of experience as a baker. A certified master baker, by contrast, has eight years of work experience and coursework in sanitation with 30 hours of professional development training.