How Do You Start a Care Agency?


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Starting a care agency, whether at home or at a clinic, requires ample financing, relevant state permits, Medicare registration, insurance and appropriate staff, according to Eric Feigenbaum for the Houston Chronicle. HowStuffWorks notes that businesses must be registered properly and possess policies and procedural manuals detailing the organizational structure of the medical services. When opening a care agency, Medical Employers also stresses the importance of obtaining the proper equipment.

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Feigenbaum explains that state health officials require convincing evidence that a care agency is operating under acceptable circumstances. Each state's rules vary, but they generally determine the cleanliness standards, personnel choices and licensing requirements for a care agency. Medicare is most often a care agency's primary payor source, and in order to be licensed through them, a care agency must also comply with their rules. These guidelines govern a care agency's documentation and billing practices, records-keeping protocols and even the types of patients a care agency can treat. Medicare also has stipulations regarding the members of staff that are required to work for a care agency. These can include a clinical supervisor and a licensed administrator. All staff must possess the proper qualifications to fill these roles. HowStuffWorks recommends contacting a lawyer to deal with licensing, staffing and insurance requirements to make sure that all bases are covered.

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