How Do You Start a Business Plan?


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A business plan should start with a title page, which describes all the information about the business plan. The title page is usually followed by the executive summary that tells the reader what the owner of the business wants. The other things include business description, market strategies, competitive analysis, a design plan, operations plan and financial matters.

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Prior to starting writing the plan, a person needs to ensure that he or she has enough information to complete the plan. This includes latest finance reports, products and target markets, market information and the employees. The title page of the plan includes the business logo, plan overview, name of the owner, title of the owner, business address among others.

Giving a clear business description is necessary for potential investors understanding a particular business. This should entail the industry of a business, markets and products. Competitive analysis helps to learn and understand potential competitors within an industry.

The design section helps to give investors an idea on the design of the product and its development. Operations section intends to show how a business will be running and operating from day to day. It shows the responsibilities of different managers and tasks of each department. The financial part comes last though this does not mean it is less essential.

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