How Do You Start a Bookkeeping Business?

How Do You Start a Bookkeeping Business?

To start a bookkeeping business, get training, choose a business location, meet the requirements, market the business and deliver on services. A bookkeeping business is good for people who love numbers and organization.

Although being a certified public accountant is not a requirement in the field, getting specialized training in bookkeeping can help to stand out from the competition and increase competency. A college course in bookkeeping is useful. Other programs to consider include tax preparation, software training and loan packing.

Next, choose a location for your business. Many new bookkeepers work from home, although it may be good to rent a small office space where possible. This helps to create a professional working environment and instills confidence in potential clients. Many new bookkeepers run their businesses part-time as they make contacts, and later make the decision on whether or not to run the business full-time.

Meet the sate requirements for running a bookkeeping business. Most states categorize this type of business under limited liability company. Consider getting an errors and omissions or general liability insurance to protect your business.

Come up with a marketing strategy for the business. This may include creating a website, attending community events and talking to individuals and small businesses about your services.

Lastly, deliver on services to retain customers and get new ones. Good customer service, providing services after hours, fast and error-free services and customer relations are hallmarks of a good bookkeeping business.