How Do You Start a Bingo Hall Business?

start-bingo-hall-business Credit: Christopher Furlong / Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Opening a bingo hall business is much like opening any other business, though special licenses and permits may be needed prior to getting started. Learn about the steps on how to start a bingo hall business.

  1. Obtain licenses and permits

    Secure all required licenses and permits before launching your business. Contact your state's attorney general office, department of consumer affairs and gaming control board to find out the requirements.

  2. Create a business plan

    Develop a business plan that outlines how you intend to operate the bingo hall business. Include details about the start-up capital for the business. Factor in costs related to leasing or purchasing a building, equipment, staffing, utilities, insurance, advertising and marketing.

  3. Apply for business financing

    Submit an application for business start-up capital, if necessary. Seek out lenders that specialize in business financing. Contact the small business administration or small business development center in your area for guidance on alternative ways to secure business funding.

  4. Lease a location

    Visit potential sites, and select a location to house the bingo hall. Make sure you get an adequate space to accommodate customers. Be sure that the building satisfies all fire and health regulations.

  5. Purchase the equipment

    Purchase all necessary equipment and furniture, such as long tables, chairs, bingo cards and markers and other necessary supplies.

  6. Hire a staff member

    Screen and hire individuals who speak clearly and are excellent at customer service.

  7. Advertise the business

    Launch a grand opening event to attract customers, and advertise the operating schedule.