How Do You Start a Barbershop?


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To start a barbershop, determine what services to offer, obtain a business license and permit, write a business plan, find a location for your barber shop, review the lease agreement, prepare your shop, and hire employees. Lastly, advertise your business.

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  1. Determine what services to offer

    Research your local competition, and talk to individuals in your target market to determine the best types of services to offer. Consider opening a co-ed shop or offering additional services such as waxing, manicures, pedicures or shoe shining.

  2. Obtain the proper licenses and permits

    Contact the relevant state licensing department to find out the licenses, permits and fees required to open a barber shop. Obtain a sales tax permit and business license.

  3. Write a business plan

    Develop a detailed business plan that includes operational costs, staff requirements, advertising costs, target clients and other important information. Come up with a competitive price list, and determine how much you can afford to spend on rent based on your projected gross revenues.

  4. Find a location for your business

    Scout potential locations for your barbershop, preferably areas that are zoned for barbering. This eliminates the need for zoning approval and building permits. Opt for a location that's easy to access and has high foot traffic.

  5. Review your lease agreement

    Work with an attorney to review your lease agreement. Look into early lease termination clauses, and find out who is responsible for repairs and expansion potential.

  6. Prepare your shop

    Purchase the necessary equipment and apply for salon insurance. Ensure that you comply with all sanitation, licensing and public safety regulations. Prepare for inspection by the local health department.

  7. Hire employees

    Hire licensed barbers and other qualified employees depending on the services you offer. Ensure that contractors have liability insurance before doing any work on your premises.

  8. Advertise your business

    Market your services on social media, press releases and local directories. Offer discounts to attract clients, and create a website for your business.

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