How Do You Start a Bar?


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The first step to starting a bar is to choose the kind of bar you are opening. Next, create a business plan, pick a name and choose a location. Finally, obtain a liquor license.

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  1. Decide on the type of bar

    Decide whether you want a sports bar, neighborhood bar or bar and grill. Factor in the cost of paying staff members, purchasing equipment and furniture for your establishment.

  2. Choose a name for your bar

    Choose a name that reflects the kind of bar you have. Select a catchy name that is easy for customers to remember.

  3. Formulate a business plan

    Write a business plan detailing the operational and capital aspects of running the business. Research similar businesses in the area to get an idea of what to include in your plan, and let a business professional look it over.

  4. Choose a location

    Find a location that is ideal for your type of bar. If you are opening a neighborhood bar, ensure that the location is easily accessible to residents. Comply with zoning laws, and get ideas about running your operation by visiting similar bars in your area.

  5. Apply for a liquor license

    Obtain a liquor license from your state liquor board. Provide all information about your establishment, including the types of alcohol you intend to serve.

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