How Do I Start Babysitting in My Home?

start-babysitting-home Credit: surlygirl/CC-BY-2.0

In order to start babysitting, first take the necessary CPR and first aid trainings required for people who are responsible for caring for children. Then, take a babysitting course, and check your local ordinances regarding any licenses you may need. Finally, notify families in your area that you are available to baby sit.

Begin spreading the word by creating an online portfolio or a job ad to let families know that you are a babysitter. Advertising can also be done by handing out and posting fliers in one's neighborhood or passing them out by putting them in neighbors' mailboxes. To advertise with a business card or a flier, post the material on a business card board at places such as the library, a grocery store, the post office or another location that has a similar posting opportunity. Additionally, using social media such as Facebook can help advertise babysitting services. Asking one's parents to send an email to their friends and/or co-workers inquiring whether they need a babysitter can help to increase visibility, too. Lastly, babysitters can look for people who need child care in their community by searching at local career centers, student newspapers or online sites that advertise babysitting jobs.