How Do You Start an Adoption Agency in Boston?


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New adoption agencies in Boston must acquire a provisional license from the Massachusetts Office of Child Care Services in order to operate. Through the application process, a potential adoption agency must demonstrate its ability to provide for child welfare and comply with existing state and federal laws.

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To qualify, an applicant must first pass a background check, submit a statement of purpose outlining the kind of adoption services to be provided, and provide a list of the agency owners. Then the potential adoption agency must demonstrate its ability to operate financially by providing a projected operating budget for the first year of operation, evidence of funds to finance the budget, a cash-flow plan that identifies current and future revenue streams, and the agency's fiscal responsibility plan.

The potential agency must also demonstrate competency in operating an adoption agency by providing plans for staff training; a policy for paying for child care; a grievance and appeal process; an orientation process for adoptive parents; an emergency communication procedure; policy and methods for evaluating adoptive parents; and evidence that current employees of the agency are able to provide care for children.

If the agency wishes to provide foster placement, it must also submit policies for dealing with the physical and psychological health of children.

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