How Do You Start a 99 Cent Online Store?


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Start an online store that sells products for 99 cents by locating a manufacturer or product source for your inventory and determining your shipping methods. Then, create a website with e-commerce capabilities, such as a shopping cart and payment processing tools, and create entries for each product you want to sell.

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The first step to building an online 99-cent store is to determine what kinds of products you want to sell and then locate a manufacturer or distributor that sells the products wholesale to avoid paying additional costs. Decide whether to handle shipping yourself or use a fulfillment service. If you ship the items yourself, you must maintain space to store them, manually print labels and ensure each item ships online. Alternately, many manufacturers offer drop-shipping services, wherein they handle the processing and mailing of the product directly instead of sending it to you.

Once you determine the inventory, sourcing and shipping methods, build an e-commerce site. Many Web hosting providers offer tools for creating such sites, while other companies offer tools for incorporating the necessary features into an existing website. The site should include a separate inventory page for each item you sell as well as the ability to process payments and log orders. Register your business with the appropriate state authorities.

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