Is Stansberry & Associates a Scam?


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Stansberry & Associates is not a scam, reports Investor Junkie, but in 2003 the SEC ruled that Porter Stansberry was found guilty of defrauding public investors and selling insider information through a newsletter. The information turned out to be false.

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Stansberry disseminated his insider information through a newsletter sold for $1,000, according to the SEC. While he was found guilty of fraud, Investor Junkie points out that Stansberry did not own or profit from the stock, and that his investment tips came true, albeit not in the promised time frame. For these reasons, Stansberry & Associates is not considered a scam, although Stansberry is still guilty of defrauding people. Public investors thinking of purchasing the newsletter should proceed with caution, keeping in mind that the market cannot always be predicted accurately. A no-risk alternative to purchasing the newsletter is Stansberry's old but still free podcast, recommended by Investor Junkie as a way to get investment ideas.

Left-wing blog Media Matters presents a more controversial take on Stansberry & Associates, pointing out that the firm caters to Republican concerns about Barack Obama as a form of scare tactics. Examples of subject lines include "Bet you don't know this about Obama," "One thing that could ruin Obama" and "Could this be even worse than ObamaCare?" Stansberry & Associates has received support from Fox Business, World Net Daily and Glenn Beck.

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