What Are the Standards of ASTM Publications?


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The standards of ASTM publications are collections of the standards developed by the ASTM relating to nearly every sector of the economy. The standards are protocols, testing methods, specifications, classifications, guides and practices prescribed by the ASTM to support industry, promote trade, ensure worker and consumer safety and inspire consumer confidence. A team of over 30,000 of the world’s top technical experts and business professionals from around the world, and over 140 technical standards writing committees, develop ASTM standards.

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The ASTM is the American Society of Testing Materials International. The ASTM publishes standards in annual publications, newsletters and various reports and manuals. The 2015 Annual Book of Standards has over 12,000 standards split into 80 volumes relating to textiles, energy, construction materials, medical devices and services.

The ASTM committees examine all aspects of the areas they are assigned. For example, Committee D16 is in charge of Hydrocarbons and Related Chemicals and has a portfolio of over 80 standards that cover the use of these raw materials in chemical synthesis and as solvents. Committee D02 is concerned with Petroleum, Liquid Fuels and Lubricants and develops tests to determine the presence of silicone in gasoline that can cause engine damage.

Many of these standards specify testing methods to assure the quality and purity of various chemicals and ensure that they can be expected to behave in predictable ways under various conditions.

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