Do Stamps Expire?


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Postage stamps from the United States do not expire, as long as they haven't been used already. Stamps can be used no matter how old they are, as long as correct postage is on the item to be posted.

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A postage stamp maintains its face value when used as postage for a letter or parcel. Over time this can present a challenge as the cost of posting a letter or parcel does change, therefore the need to purchase small denomination stamps arises. In 2007 the United States Postal Service introduced a new type of stamp called the Forever Stamp. The Forever Stamp, unlike a traditional postage stamp, has no face value and is for use as postage on a first-class, 1-ounce letter. Users of the Forever Stamp can use them at any point in the future even if the price of posting a letter increases.

Postage stamps have long been the object of affection for collectors, inspired by the intricacies in the detail of the artwork. The American postage stamp has been the display of some iconic characters. Some notable ones include Elvis Presley, Bugs Bunny, The Simpsons, Dr. Seuss and Santa Claus to name a few. Along with the Liberty Bell, art deco images of kitchen appliances have also been the subject of stamp images.

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