What Is Stainless Steel Used For?


According to the British Stainless Steel Association, thousands of applications use stainless steel in household, commercial and industrial settings. Domestic uses for stainless steel range from razor blades and knives and forks to washing machine drums and microwave oven liners.

The British Stainless Steel Association explains that the medical industry needs stainless steel in specialized equipment such as surgical instruments, surgical implants and specialized scanning devices. Civil engineers and construction trades rely on stainless steel for use in a wide array of applications, ranging from reinforcement bar and structural sections to door and window fittings and handrails. Uses for stainless steel in the transportation industry include vehicle exhaust systems and trim, shipping containers and chemical tanker trucks.

The British Stainless Steel Association also lists uses for stainless steel in both the food and water industries. Brewers, distillers and food processors all need stainless steel in their production equipment. At the retail level, bars, restaurants and catering businesses need to use stainless-steel equipment to comply with health and sanitation codes. Water and sewage treatment plants use stainless steel in their processing systems. The British Stainless Steel Association states that stainless steel is used in virtually all industries and for general use in items like springs and wire.