What Is a Staff Meeting?

A staff meeting is a conference between some or all of the employees of a business or company. Staff meetings are typically organized by CEOs, owners, or head management officials, and they are conducted in whatever manner these authority figures deem fit.

Staff meetings are generally viewed as a direct and efficient method for communicating with personnel, but they can differ greatly in how they are conducted. Some staff meetings encourage an open exchange or dialogue between staff members of all levels of authority, while others function more as an in-person memo where managers control the majority of the conversation.

Different types of staff meetings have varying goals. The purpose of an informational staff meeting is to disseminate information to the meeting participants. In discussion-oriented staff meetings, participants provide input to solve a problem. Motivational staff meetings are meant to improve the morale and attitude of employees, so that they can make changes and meet the goals the business is trying to accomplish. These staff meetings often use motivational speakers to inspire changes.

Creative staff meetings, also known as brainstorming sessions, are used to generate new ideas. Participants are encouraged to share as many ideas as possible without criticism or judgment.