What Is Sports Marketing?


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Sports marketing uses sports-related content to advertise products or services. The type of content used is wide-ranging, and it may include amateur and individual work to supplement general marketing strategies. Popular methods of sports marketing are television advertisements, billboards and sponsorships.

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The intent of sports marketing is to use the popularity and appeal of an individual or sports team in advertising a product or service. Teams or individuals generally charge marketers a fee in exchange for the right to advertise. In addition to gaining exposure from a large sports-viewer base, businesses earn credibility from sports fans by serving as a source of revenue for their favorite sports teams and athletes. However, the number of competing advertisements increases as the amount of viewers increase. Businesses look to advertise to a large number of viewers, but they must consider the number of potential competitors.

The only requirement for using sports marketing is that the product or service have wide appeal. Products or services that have a specific target audience benefit less from the large and diverse viewer base of sports. Due to the statistically higher number of male viewers, sports marketing is generally used by brands that target men. However, audience demographics vary by sport.

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