Is Spinnaker a Timeshare Scam?


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Multiple customers reported that the Spinnaker company lied to them, had dishonest business practices, and that the timeshares were indeed a scam. As of 2015, Spinnaker Resorts has a class-action lawsuit filed against it stating the company sold the general public timeshares for Bluewater that the company knew were unregistered.

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One customer complained she attended a presentation on timeshares, and the company promised her certain benefits she later did not receive. Another couple had a complaint of a similar nature, stating representatives told them they could reserve a condo last minute, only later to be told they needed a year's notice for reservations. Another common complaint from customers stated Spinnaker telemarketers consistently called them and were rude. Others stated they invested money in a timeshare and attempted to vacation in the property but were unable to, because the property was never finished or for other reasons.

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