What Is an SPHR Certification?


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SPHR stands for Senior Professional in Human Resources. It is a certification that the Human Resource Certification Institute awards to individuals who have exceptional knowledge of and proficiency in human resource management in the U.S. An applicant must meet certain requirements in order to apply for the SPHR certification.

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An applicant with a master's degree must have at least four years of work experience in a competent human resource job. On the other hand, bachelor's degree holders and high school graduates must have at least five or seven years of work experience, respectively, before they can apply for the certification. As of 2015, the certification requires several hundred dollars for the testing cost, application fee and other charges.

Certifications that are similar to SPHR include the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR). Whereas the SPHR certification signifies a person's mastery in the administrative and policy-making aspects of the profession, the PHR certification confirms a person's competency in the technical and operational fields. GPHR demonstrates a person's capabilities in human resource duties at a worldwide scale.

The SPHR certification is only valid for three years, after which a certified individual must retake the exam or show evidence of professional development to retain his certification.

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