What Are the Specs on Popular Caterpillar Equipment?

Specifications for some of Caterpillar’s most popular pieces of equipment vary depending on classification and size. For example, net horsepower is similar between the 336E H hybrid excavator and D8T dozer at just over 300. The 797F off-highway mining truck, however, generates 4,000 net horsepower.

Caterpillar’s 336E H hybrid excavator uses one-third less fuel than its non-hybrid counterpart, the 336D, by applying recovered swing energy during operations. The excavator weighs 41 tons and can travel up to 3 mph. Its swing mechanism speed is 9 mph with over 80,000 foot-pounds of torque. The 336E H hybrid exposes operators to a relatively low 71 decibels, which is less than a washing machine.

Weighing in at just over 43 tons, the Caterpillar D8T dozer produces more than 300 horsepower. Customers can choose between the standard model and the low ground pressure model. The standard D8T fitted with the 8U blade has a capacity up to 15.4 cubic yards. This configuration can dig 23.3 inches with a maximum tilt of 39.2 inches. A low ground pressure model’s capacity is 12.9 cubic yards with the 8SU blade, which digs 20.1 inches and tilts 33.9 inches. Multi-shank, adjustable parallelogram rippers have slightly more pry-out force at over 51,000 pounds; however, single-shanks produce more penetration force at over 28,600 pounds.