What Specific Information Does a Screening for Contractors Include?


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Contractor screening may cover information such as background checks, the contractor's employment history, her education level and ensuring that she holds the appropriate industry licensing or certification, when applicable. The screen process may also include checks on specific criminal databases to ensure that she had no prior offenses as well as drug screening.

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Though the process for screening a contractor before issuing an employment offer may vary between companies, in many cases it involves checking the validity of the claims on her resume and job application. This can begin with calling her personal and professional references to find out about her past titles and job performance and to learn more about her personality. It may also include contacting the schools she lists to ensure that the does hold the appropriate degrees or to simply check for a record of her attendance. If the applicant mentions any specific certification, the employer may also check the appropriate national, state or county departments to confirm its status.

The screening process may also include a background check, which looks at different state and federal databases for a history of infractions such as incarceration or legal action. Some companies may also check specific databases, such as a sex offender list for the area, depending on the nature of the job. The employer may also ask about the applicant's past and current experience with drugs, conducting a test to see her physical status on the matter.

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