What Is Special About a Zions Bank Account?

What Is Special About a Zions Bank Account?

Zions Bank provides free, no fee checking and savings accounts to clients. The interest earned on a standard online savings account is 10 times greater than most larger banks. They offer flexible options to coordinate money transfers between institutions, which makes them simple to use in conjunction with other banks.

Standard checking and online savings accounts at Zions Bank only require a $100 minimum deposit to open and do not charge any fees. Using the online banking features, customers can manage their accounts remotely without ever having to visit a physical location.

The savings and money market accounts at Zions Bank currently earn 0.5 percent interest. This interest is accrued daily and deposited around the 10th of each month in customer accounts. Most larger banking institutions only pay 0.05 percent interest on savings accounts, so customers banking with Zions Bank have a clear-cut advantage in this area.

With the unlimited online bill pay, transfer-to-a-friend program and the ability to link accounts, customers may effortlessly transfer money to anyone anywhere in the United States. These features make paying bills much simpler for account holders, even allowing automatic payments to be set up.

Zions Bank has also set up partnerships with the local businesses in its region, spanning Idaho and Utah. These partnerships allow them to offer their customers between 10 percent and 50 percent off on shopping purchases using Zion Bank's AmaZing Rewards debit or credit card.