Why Does Spaghetti Warehouse Want to Sell One Million Lasagnas?

Why Does Spaghetti Warehouse Want to Sell One Million Lasagnas?

The Spaghetti Warehouse wants to sell one million lasagnas as part of a marketing campaign that ties in with a line of entrees and a retooled website, according to a press release about the decision on the company's website. The challenge features the restaurant chain's 15-layer lasagna — a signature dish that is made completely from scratch.

As of 2015, the entrees are available at locations in Texas, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, New York, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. The company is tracking the total lasagna sold through the site, which also lists details about the entrees.

The lasagna is made with homemade tomato sauce, pork sausage, ground beef, Romano, ricotta and mozzarella cheese.

Each pan of lasagna cooked at any of the restaurant's locations has 24 servings and weighs 22 pounds, notes Pete Van Gurp, the Warehouse's VP of operations in a press release announcing the challenge. Additionally, the total weight of one million servings is 916,666 pounds; its combined height is bigger than the world's tallest building and would take up the total space in a large distribution warehouse.

The revamped website has information about the challenge, menu items and weekly specials alongside specific details about the menus and opening hours of participating stores in different states.