What Is South Africa's Currency Called?

south-africa-s-currency-called Credit: Christian Science Monitor / Contributor/Christian Science Monitor/Getty Images

The currency of South Africa is known as the rand (R). As in the U.S., South Africa's currency is decimal based, and one rand is equivalent to 100 South African cents.

Coin denominations are one, two, five, 10, 20 and 50 cents, and one, two and five rand. There are five banknotes, each a different color, which feature animal motifs on the front and industry themes on the reverse. These are:

10R: Green, Rhinoceros/Agriculture

20R: Brown, Elephant/Mining

50R: Red, Lion/Manufacturing

100R: Blue, Buffalo/Tourism

200R: Orange, Leopard/Transport and Communications

Each banknote also features the South African coat of arms on the top-left corner of the note.