What Are Some Sources for Wholesale Cardboard Boxes?

What Are Some Sources for Wholesale Cardboard Boxes?

Sources for purchasing wholesale cardboard boxes include Uline.com, PackagingWholesalers.com, MrBoxOnline.com and FreundContainer.com, as of 2015. Each site offers a variety of box sizes and styles, as well as related packing supplies, such as pallets, crates, bubble wrap and tape.

In addition to its selection of shipping materials, Uline.com contains an extensive selection of cardboard boxes. It's Boxes page has general product categories that appear at the top, including corrugated boxes, heavy duty boxes and mailers, along with a list of individual products types throughout the page. Each product's listing includes a brief description and a pricing chart that shows the cost per unit along with the bulk wholesale discount.

PackagingWholesalers.com features a page of numerous types of corrugated boxes and products, ranging from layer pads and moving boxes to telescoping boxes and bulk cargo containers. Each individual product features multiple different sizes, each of which comes in a different quantity.

MrBoxOnline.com focuses primarily on boxes, offering customers numerous packaging options for specialty shipments such as fragile glass items or goods that require refrigeration. The site offers some customization options on certain products and a rewards program for frequent customers.

FreundContainer.com sells cardboard boxes in many different sizes and strengths and contains the option to narrow listings by the box's dimensions. It determines pricing by the number of bundles a customer purchases, with a bundle of 10 typically offering the greatest discount.